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Imagine if grace had a scent... Artistry Flora Chic™, the first prestige fragrance from ARTISTRY™, is a feminine floral featuring French Clementine, Bulgarian Rose and Ylang Ylang Madagascar. Inspired
If you are reading this, you probably already have some knowledge and – what is more important – a wish to lead make-up and skin care demonstrations for your customers. In order to make it successful
What makes ARTISTRY PREMIUM? Thanks to the dedication at ARTISTRY seeking out innovative ingredients and breakthrough technologies, our brand is known for innovative, high-tech solutions and high-qual
DISCOVER THE POWER OF COLOUR PROFESSIONAL TIPS TO HELP YOU SELL: WEARING COLOUR Learn ARTISTRY™ Global Make-up Artist Rick DiCecca’s top tips for sporting hues on the eyes and cheeks.
A LIFETIME OF SUPERIOR COOKWARE PERFORMANCE Every kitchen deserves beautiful cookware! Every cook wants to create dishes that will be healthy, nutritious and enjoyed to the very last bite. iCook offe
When selling beauty products, it is important to invite your clients to view the products and try it for themselves. Support your discussion by looking at the products on together wit
Glister Kids GLISTER™ kids Toothpaste is easy-to-use and gentle for children ages 2 and up. It contains the exclusive REMINACT™ formula that is proven to replenish essential natural minerals in teeth
CREAT YOUR OWN FUTURE NOW Amway offers an affordable, low risk opportunity to start your own business and create the future you desire. Experience the Amway lifestyle by putting in the time and effor
Winter Care For Hair Are you someone who is invested in skin beauty? Then your hair, as the frame for your face, should receive equal attention for an overall polished look – especially in the winter.
TRY THIS BEWITCHING SUMMER LOOK With summer on the way it's the perfect time for this "Sass & Charm" eye make-up created with ARTISTRY COLOUR™ cosmetics. You'll love the touch of shimmer that makes t