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Be Luminous It may seem like magic, but it's pure, cutting-edge science. With exclusive 3D Technology, ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE brings luminosity and an even tone to your skin. Our product tip: the IDE
BE LUMINOUS Very few women have naturally radiant skin. The good news is that scientists have developed a powerful technology to counteract the effects of the sun, hormones, skin irritation and other
When selling beauty products, it is important to invite your clients to view the products and try it for themselves. Support your discussion by looking at the products on together wit
Discover the world of ARTISTRY™ on the ARTISTRY™ microsite. ARTISTRY™ now offers its own dedicated microsite, designed to showcase the entire range of ARTISTRY™ collections - including the new ARTIS
PREMIUM BEAUTY FOR EVERY WOMAN You use and recommend ARTISTRY™ products on a daily basis, but how often do you stop to think about how exciting ARTISTRY really is? Our entire product range is backed
New ARTISTRY HYDRA-V™ is the first ever ARTISTRY™ collection to focus on deep hydration for every skin type. There are three different power systems depending on skin type, and each one contains the
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The Global Face of ARTISTRY™ As a prestige brand, ARTISTRY™ utilizes a singular celebrity face—a key practice of global prestige branding that enhances credibility through consistency.As ARTISTRY™ is
Inspired by the world’s high-end skin clinics, ARTISTRY™ Intensive Skin Care provides an alternative to the dermatologist’s office in the convenience of your own home. Targeted treatments for specifi
NO FRILLS. JUST AUTHENTIC.HYMM™ is a care line solution that meets the demands of modern men. The range of products combines fast and effective results with easy usage, which make HYMM ideal for daily