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Margin is calculated before payment of VAT. The most up-to-date data regarding Suggested Retail, including pass-up volume* from non-qualified Silver or Gold Producers, but excluding volume of non
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Data 10GB DV9UM14 U ALCATEL 2008G BLACK + 10GB DATA X 1 - (H) @ R169 Reduced Sub PM on Smart Top Up XS + DV9UM15 U ALCATEL 2008G BLACK + 10GB DATA X 1 - (H) @ R239 Reduced Sub PM on Smart Top Up
) • Two Cylindrical Bar Tables (shaped as the XS cans – 400mm x 400mm x 925mm) • One Pull up Banner, initiate conversations about XS and then create new leads. Remember to follow up with prospective ABOs
are on Amway’s records and it is up to date. 2. How many discounts can I accumulate each month
to restore strength and shine. • Exclusive blend of lightweight, lifting polymers dry with hair dryer. Lightly brush to release any tangles. Place hair extensions side
environmentally sensitive the new AMWAY HOME™ product range is, we have teamed up with two external third, plant acids cleans toilets hygienically and prevents build-up of limescale or hard water deposits
• Ingredient: SAGE EXTRACT reliably protects against the build -up and multiplication of odour standing up for a closer shave • Unique Trimmer: for sideburns, goatees and underneath the nose
PRODUCT USAGE HOW TO USE: Use to clean toilet bowl and to prevent build-up of grime and limescale  With toilet seat up, hold the bottle to apply product directly and evenly around the rim