Amway™ Italian Pasta - Spaghetti (4 X 1000g)

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Durum wheat pasta made by the 'trafilatura al bronzo' process. AMWAY™ Italian pasta is made using the same processes as for gourmet pasta. In accordance with the strictest standards, only the finest quality wheat is chosen in order to achieve excellent, gluten-rich wheat flour. The pasta is dried slowly and at a constant temperature to retain the typical qualities and taste. In the 'trafilatura al bronzo' process the dough is pulled slowly through cast bronze moulds - so that the pasta is given a rough surface to which sauces will adhere evenly.

Dieticians consider pasta to be at the foundation of the 'nutrition pyramid', as they make up 55% of the body's daily energy requirement for carbohydrates, 15% of its protein requirement and no more than 30% of its fat requirement. That is why a bowl of pasta with a dash of oil and plenty of vegetables and cheese represents the optimal meal and also helps supply the right amount of macronutrients.


  • Quality durum wheat pasta with high gluten content (only the kernel of the grain is used).
  • Made using the 'trafilatura al bronzo' process (the dough is drawn slowly through cast bronze moulds).
  • Slow, constant temperature process.
  • Does not contain eggs.


  • Exceptional taste and boilability.
  • Sauces stick to the pasta better.
  • Retains the taste and naturalness of the ingredients.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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