Amway™ Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Recognising the importance of olive oil in our diet, Amway has collaborated with Carapelli Firenze, a leading Italian producer of high quality and exclusive products, to develop a careful selection of extra virgin olive oil made exclusively for Amway from Mediterranean olives.

Amway da Carapelli Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a rich golden colour with a mild, sweet, ripe fruit flavour, an aroma of herbs and almonds, as well as a light spicy aftertaste. This product will satisfy even the most demanding palate, and accompanies all manner of foods.

(2 x 750ml)


  • Contains high levels of mono-unsaturated fatty acids.
  • Hand harvested fruit.
  • Low acidity content (about 0.3%).
  • Rich in oleic acid, polyphenols and Vitamin E.
  • Formulated exclusively for Amway in conjunction with Carapelli in Italy.


  • Benefits the cardiovascular system. A high ratio of fats high in mono-unsaturated fatty acids in the total daily fat intake can help to limit the levels of low density lipoproteins (LDL), or 'bad' fat fractions, and increase high density lipoproteins (HDL), or 'good' fat fractions, in the blood.
  • Only the best fruit is chosen, also helps to ensure that the acidity level is kept low because the gentle handling of the fruit results in less bruising.
  • One of the parameters crucial for quality. Ensures that the oil is extra virgin and reflects the optimal climatic and soil conditions in which the olive tree is grown and the correct degree of ripeness of the fruit when harvested.
  • Powerful antioxidants that can help to prevent the creation of unstable and toxic compounds called free radicals which, in excess, can damage cells.
  • Another safety factor for the consumer. Amway consider Carapelli to be a highly-qualified and reliable partner because it has over 100 years of experience in making high quality olive oil and its latest production facilities meet quality assurance standards (UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 Edition-Vision).


  • Is looking for a healthy cooking option.
  • Prefers a Mediterranean diet.
  • Is looking for an alternative to saturated fat.
  • Are vegetarians and vegans.


  • All types of food preparation (roasting, frying, grilling, basting, dressings, marinades, cooking ingredient, etc.).
Nutrition Information
 Per 100gEnergy822 kcal/3378 kJProtein0 gCarbohydrate0 gFat of which:91.3 gsaturates14.0 gmono-unsaturates70.0 gpolyunsaturates7.3 gCholesterol0 gFibre0 gSodium0 g

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